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This used to be way more pretentious, but let’s be honest, I can be kind of an elitist but I don’t really have much claim to pretension.

With interests ranging from from high fashion to classic literature, cheesy Nineties movies to the worst music possible (you can stop looking, I already found it, and the band is called the Shaggs), comics and TV and photography, oh my! I intend to prove you with movie, book and music reviews, thoughts on television, celebrity encounters and a look at modern American culture that critiques and embraces in the same breath. And I mean that pretty literally, I think, look at that run-on sentence, goddamn.

It’s not simply possible, nor is it a contradiction, to be a smart, literate, well-dressed woman of the world who gets excited on Wednesdays when the new comics come out; it’s a lot more common than the world wants us to think.

In short, make mine Marvel and Marc Jacobs.

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